Blogs & Articles

While my book is certainly my biggest and most important writing project at the moment, I do write a few other blogs and articles. If you’re interested in reading more from me, you can find some of my other writing below.

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Life Done Differently

On my blog Life Done Differently I write about what life is like when you don’t want to follow the traditional path around work, marriage and kids, living in a campervan and just whatever else happens to be on my mind. Head on over and check it out.


Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations

I’m a regular contributor for the Magazine Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations where I write about the places I visit and the people I meet along the way. Check it out if you’re interested in the RV lifestyle or in travelling New Zealand.

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The Overlooked Secret Ingredient to Happiness

This is an article I wrote for the Steven Aitchison Blog last year. It’s closely relates to my upcoming book and something I feel very strongly about.

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3 Reasons to be More Positive and 3 Tips to Make it Happen

Another article I wrote that is related to the content of my upcoming book. This one was for No Sidebar and focuses on positivity.